In today’s episode, you will find answers to questions such as:

What skills do professionals need to be successful

Which are the skills needed for the future in terms of careers and not only?

How do you stand out from the crowd?

How having the right people around can influence the success of you career?

Which is the best strategy you can use to catalyze your career?

My guest from today, Sajna Samad is a talented, inspiring and experienced Career Catalyzer that makes wonders with everybody that is working with her. As I conclude at the end of the episode, the discussion and the ideas that she shared, I wish I knew earlier on in my career. But better latter than never. So I strongly recommend you share this episode with your friends, with your manager, with recruiters, as this applies to a wide category of people. You can tag me into your shares so that I get the chance to thank you. Also, you can follow Sajna on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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