The deep desire to stop suffering takes you from where you are and puts you where you want to be.

Many times, the changes we implement in our lives are conditioned by various dimensions such as pain, fear, even desire.  These can be both positive and negative. Rare are the cases when people start implementing a change because they decide so, without being ‘forced’ by a situation or a feeling. There is one common thing that I noticed in practice. Most of the time, the trigger is the desire to move on from pain to happiness. We, humans, have similar needs. We want to be cherished, be loved, accepted, seen as who we truly are. What is important for you to keep in mind is that these needs will never be met by other people, if you don’t fulfill these yourself. The first person you need to convince of how amazing you are is you. Going back to that common thing that triggers change, people have the tendency to do this when they can’t take it anymore. What if you implement change because you choose so, not because a circumstance forces you to do so?

What mattered for me was to accept myself as I am. Once I did so, I knew I will always find the strength I need for anything I want to accomplish. I will share below actions that you can start implementing, so that you meet some of the needs I just mentioned.

Stop being ashamed of who you were and of who you are becoming. Stop being ashamed of your beliefs, of how you look like, of the mistakes you made, the decisions you took. Just accept them. All this made you who you are today. I know accepting is hard sometimes but is the first step towards change.

Never settle, no matter how small the progress. Progress is what really makes you happy, not the final results. As the final result might even change along the road.  Acknowledge every progress that you make and be happy with it. Celebrate it. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers, buy yourself your favorite coffee. You deserve to celebrate yourself, in the first place. Celebration drives change.

Stop abandoning yourself. If you made a promise to yourself then keep it. What do you think you are telling the Universe if you don’t take into account your needs on a regular manner? You are telling that you are not important and that you don’t deserve to change and to have a beautiful and fulfilled life. It’s hard at first. But don’t beat yourself up if it won’t work from the beginning. Remember, progress is more important than winning.

Be opened to let go. Let go of old beliefs, of past, of everything that doesn’t serve you. But first, identify these. Write on a piece of paper all the things that make you stay in the same place, those things that stop you from going forward. Is it a story you are telling yourself, is it fear of failure, is it somebody’s opinion, is it fear of success? What is it? Write it down and let it go. Be thankful for the lessons these gave you and move on.

I feel you if sometimes is so hard even to show up, but implement changes. I trust these ideas of acceptance and change will help you. I would love to find out more about you. What makes you want to implement change in your life? Are you implementing it because you want so or because you think you can’t live the way you live today anymore, and you feel ‘forced’ to do so’?

If you want to make a change in your life and don’t know where to start from, drop me a message and we can work together for you to have a life you cherish and that you are proud of. I deliver sessions in both EN and RO language. The change is within you, just let it flow. Accept help if you notice you couldn’t do this by yourself. Invest in yourself. You are the person you are going to live with your entire life. Why not build a long-term-love relationship?

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